Rock Notes and Presentations

Objective: Each group will be able to display thorough knowledge of the topic through their demonstration and wiki page.

The wiki page: (25 points)

Organization and Neatness (5 pts)
Information is organized in a meaningful way

All topic areas explained (not just lists) (15 pts)
What is a Rock?
What are the three different types of rocks?
How does each type form?
What properties are used to identify each type of rock?
Examples of each type of rock.
Explanation of the rock cycle.

Diagrams and Links (5 pts)
Wiki includes a minimum of 5 pics or videos
Wiki includes at least 3 links to site that supplement the information on the wiki

Laptop project (25 pts)
Includes all textbook information on group topic (10 pts)

Material is presented in a way that enhances learning (10 pts)

Creativity (5 pts)

Class Presentation (20 pts)

Presentation is clear and organized (8 pts)

Engages the class and inhibits learning (8 pts)
Teaching not just showing the class your project

Checks for understanding (i.e. ask relevant questions, create a worksheet or game) (4 pts)

Knowledge of the Topic (20 pts)

Individual quizzes and worksheets to test the knowledge throughout the unit

Group Participation (10 pts)
Group survey of each team members participation in group activities