Review Homework Assignments

Directions: The review homework assignments are mandatory! There are six assignments, one for each week until the end of school. Some assignments have two parts and require going to two web addresses to answer the two different parts of the assignment. In this case the two parts will be averaged together for one assignment grade. The assignments are due by the start of the school day on the Tuesday on which they are due. All assignments are from the review books. The questions should be answered on the quia website via the web addresses below. Links for each assignment can also be found in the reviewsection of our class wikipage. Since these assignments have been given in advance all students are held accountable for the work, no matter what the conditions of their home computer may be. I suggest that students with unreliable home computers get the work done before Monday night! The grade that you receive on the assignment will be your homework grade. I will give the answers to students on the day after the assignment is due. I will also post them on my web page under the Review section. I am emphasizing the importance of this assignment because it is a great review for the June 22nd Regents, as well as, six homework grades!

ASSIGNMENT #1 Due Tuesday April 27th (before school starts 7:30AM)

Part 1 - Pages 16-34 #1-52 Website:
Part 2 - Pages 39-59 #1-64 Website:


ASSIGNMENT #2 Due Tuesday May 4th

Part 1 - Pages 65-86 #1-58 Website:
Part 2 - Pages 141-163 #1-65 Website:


ASSIGNMENT #3 Due Tuesday May 11th

Part 1 - Pages 170-188 #1-26 Website:
Part 2 - Pages 193-212 #1-39 Website:


ASSIGNMENT #4 Due Tuesday May 18th

Part 1 - Pages 95-109 #1-49 Website:
Part 2 - Pages 117-133 #1-45 Website:

ASSIGNMENT #5 Due Tuesday May 25th

Part 1 - Pages 219-243 #1-68 Website:
Part 2 - Pages 300-312 #1-29 Website:

ASSIGNMENT #6 Due Tuesday June 1st

Part 1 - Pages 250-265 #1-45 Website:
Part 2 - Pages 272-293 #1-49 Website: