different minerals
Minerals- a mineral is a solid inorganic substance of natural occurrence.

Characteristics of a Mineral -
The streak of a mineral refers to the color left on a streak plate after rubbing a mineral across its surface. A streak plate can be as simple as the unglazed side of a porcelain tile.

Solid, Inorganic, Naturally Orcurring, Defintite Chemical Compostion, Definite Crystalline Structure ----> examples mineralogy, rock, mineraloids, elements, salt, silicates

Chemical Properties of a Mineral

-Hardness, Color, Crystal, Shape, and Streak
A mineral is a substance that results from geologic processes, and is defined as having a specific chemical composition and structure. It's not just a "mix" of stuff. A native mineral is a mineral that is found in a specified place.
If we consider quartz, the most abundant mineral on earth, it could be said to be native to just about anywhere.

Mineral Families

The Mica and The Feldspar
The silicates are a combination of silicon, oxygen, and another element. Depending on the element, the resulting mineral's density and color can vary considerably.

Physical Properties of Minerals

Classifying minerals can range from simple to very difficult. A mineral can be identified by several physical properties, some of them being sufficient for full identification without equivocation

Special properties

Depending on different temperatures, minerals crystallize
Calcite fizzes when hydrochloric acid is added to it.

  • Halite tastes salty. Magnetite is magnetic. Flourite glows under ultraviolet light.Sulfur has a weird smell.igneous rocks are also called "lava rocks" because thats what its made of.