Second Quarter Extra Credit
Virtual Earthquake On-Line

This Extra credit assignment is worth up to 5 points on your final average for this quarter.

Students must have all of the labs from the second quarter handed in and passing to receive any of the extra credit points from this assignment

Directions – Go to

- Click on the button that says “Epicenter and Magnitude”

- Read the page that appears and then click on “Start” (if a pop-up appears click

- The page that appears displays a Task List in the top half of the window. This
explains the tasks that must be completed for the assignment.

- In the upper right hand corner is the Tool Box where you can click to use tools
such as graphs of the P-S Lag Time vs. Epicenter Distance

- At the bottom of the page is your journal with today’s date. Please enter your name at this time. (first, last)

- Now click on the button to the right of the first task. Then look in the lower right hand corner at your choices for locations. Please click the circle next to your earthquake.

- Your earthquake location is _

- After clicking your choice of earthquake location, go to the map and click the button that says “Trigger Earthquake”

- The earthquake will occur and you are now on your way to locating the epicenter and finding the magnitude of the earthquake which just occurred.

- Use the tabs in the middle of the page to assist you along your way.
Background – all information about earthquakes necessary to complete
this assignment
Assignment – Explains the tasks and how to complete them.
  • Journal – Where all of your data must be entered.
Glossary – Definitions of all terms that will be used in this assignment
Info – Information on historical earthquakes
- Once you have completed all of the tasks you may want to save your work by clicking on the “Save” button in the upper right hand toolbar. Then click on the “Verify Answers” button at the bottom of your Journal.

- If some answers are incorrect they will inform you and highlight them. You must now go back and correct the data entered. All data must be acceptable to continue. (Remember this is Extra Credit!)

- If all of your answers are acceptable a window will appear. Click where it says to click.

- You will now be prompted to enter your name, school, location, and class code.

    • The class code is 1490525 and must be entered to receive credit for the assignment. Now click “Submit”

- You must now complete a 10 question interactive quiz to finalize the assignment.

- Grading of the extra credit assignment will be as follows:

3 points Completing all tasks for the Virtual Earthquake

2 Points Score an 80 – 100 on the quiz

1 Point Score a 50 – 79 on the quiz

0 Points Score less then a 50 on the quiz

Max. Points is 5

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me in school or e-mail me, leaving a fair amount of time for me to respond. My e-mail address is In the worst case scenario just save what you have done.

The due date for this assignment is Thursday January 28th.

There will be NO exceptions for late work!!!!!!